A few Sundays back, we took a wee jaunt to The Yellow Yard to have a nosey around the Flea Market. Located in Palace Street; just off the Derry Walls, it’s been my go-to the last 15 years for vintage clothes and furniture. Mark started out in Flip in London Street selling vintage clothes, those Pop flares we all had at least one pair of, other bits and bobs; gradually adding vintage furniture to the stock.

After many years, he left Flip behind forming Trunk and teamed up with 3 other independent businesses that now make up The Yellow Yard:
Little Acorn (Book store) run by Jenny
AbbaZappa (Records) run by Ben
Little Blue World (Arts & Crafts) run by Katie

The most recent addition to The Yellow Yard, is St. Jude’s Eatery run by the lovely Kerri and Mark. Specialising in yummy vegan dishes (and cakes!) and from what the other half tells me; very good coffee. I’m normally a tea drinker but opted for a hot chocolate. Nom.
We had made other dinner plans on this occasion but we’ll defs be back on another lazy Sunday for lunch.

There’s a plethora of delightful items to peruse as well as the added bonus of the flea markets that are held every so often. You’ll defs come away with a bargain of some description. Pretty sure I took half the shop with me but with 3 dresses for £10, who’s counting.

It’s an eclectic, colourful beaut of a place to shop for trinkets, bag yourself some gladrags, hang out for a coffee or buy a new (or old) record or book. It’s a bit of a hidden gem run by a bunch of lovely people, so get a run in next time you’re in town.