The Wood Burning Savages

A little while back, I had a music promo shoot with the wondrous Wood Burning Savages. They’re a four piece alt-rock band from here in Derry. This was to be my second shoot with the fellas, the first being shot at a breakers yard a couple of years ago but it was time for a new shoot! I knew I wanted to get them to a forest (how obvious you might think) so after a little research, I came across Beltany Woods in Raphoe. There wasn’t much to go on image wise, but I could just about make out the lovely symmetry of the trees so knew this could be a good shout.  I imagined it would be a little tricky placing four fellows in a dense area  but I think we made good use of the space in the end up.

On the way back from the woods, we stopped off at a tunnel near Ardmore. I had spotted it on a way to a shoot a little while before and was instantly drawn to it. I had never noticed it before, surprisingly, as it’s quite large but  I guess as I would never really be out that direction. I loved the colours and shadows  and wanted to get use of it for some time so thought it would be a good contrast to the forest scene for the shoot.

You can keep up to date with upcoming gigs and new releases by visiting their Facebook page via the link below. They have just released their new single “America”. It’s a corker. We worked together on the cover art for the single which I will be blogging very soon.